Phil Holmes' Historical Photos

This page has small images of all the photos/scans that I've got available for viewing.   It's divided into sections - if you want to see the photo in more detail, or want more information on what you're seeing, please follow the link to the relevant page by clicking the section heading.


GoldenWeddingSm.jpg (4630 bytes) PrimarySchoolSm.jpg (12312 bytes)
My paternal great-grandparents' golden wedding
I'm the one in the middle
My primary school in Bristol - Ashley Down.
I'm far right, in the front.

Secondary School

HighSchoolGroupSm.jpg (8743 bytes) MercurySm.jpg (10834 bytes)
A photo of the sixth form
(physics class?)
Me as Mercury in "Orpheus in the Underworld"
GangShowSm.jpg (6296 bytes) PatienceSm.jpg (4635 bytes)
Me (plus the Lawton family) in the
Redditch Scouts Gang Show
My first Gilbert and Sullivan production
"Patience" with Astwood Bank G&S Society, 1973.
I'm back right
PinaforeSm.jpg (7698 bytes)
A clipping of "The Redditch Indicator"
October 4 1974

After School

EscortSm.jpg (4412 bytes) Escort2Sm.jpg (4219 bytes) CortinaSm.jpg (5367 bytes)
Paul Collins and I competing on
the "Curtis Bennett" in 1981
I think this must be the Noreaster Ros and I on the CB in the Cortina Mk3 estate (!)
AccidentSm.jpg (4679 bytes) NoseJobSm.jpg (3020 bytes) SiliconSm.jpg (9663 bytes)
Sporting injuries my face after the accident
on a rally in about 1980
Non-sporting injury.  After my
nose job at university in about 1977
A picture for the Post Office newspaper of
me at work
Skiing1Sm.jpg (7322 bytes) Skiing2Sm.jpg (6192 bytes)
My first week skiing in Bormio - 1983 And my second week...