The Loft Conversion

We put plans together to convert our loft during December 1998 and following a number of discussions with the local planning office, finally got started with the building during August 1999.  Now (August 2000) it's complete.  The conversion comprises a bedroom, a toilet/shower room and a large workroom with balcony looking out over the back garden.  The thumbnails below give an impression of some of the rooms as they are now - click on any of them for a larger picture.

Loft1Thumb.jpg (3298 bytes)

Loft2Thumb.jpg (3510 bytes)

Loft3Thumb.jpg (3697 bytes)

Loft4Thumb.jpg (3820 bytes)

Loft5Thumb.jpg (3784 bytes)

The view from the top of the stairs looking through part of the workroom towards the balcony.

The view back from the balcony into the workroom. The view from the balcony over the back garden and the paddock behind. The new bedroom (or a bit of it). John the builder putting the finishing touches to the toilet/shower room.