Great Bealings Weather History

Click the drop down lists below to show the weather at Great Bealings for a specific date and time and the average and graph for that day.   The full data is only available from 16:30 on 21/12/2004 onwards - that was when I wrote the routine that stores the data.  Prior to that the data has been recovered from logfiles.  The information displayed is held in an Access database that is updated every 30 minutes.  It may take a little while to display if the server is busy, so please be patient.

Year Month Day Hour Minute
Temperature Humidity Dew Point Indoor Temp Indoor Humidity Average Wind Speed Wind Gust Wind Direction Max Gust so far on day Max Gust Time Max Ave Wind so far on day Max Ave Time Pressure Rain so far  on day

Averages for the day

Temperature Pressure Humidity Daily Rain
Max Min Ave Max Min Ave Max Min Ave  

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