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Welcome to Phil Holmes's weather page. The station was set up on February the 18th, 2004. The weather information is now taken from a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 FARS, following a problem with my old Oregon Scientific WMR928N. The WMR928 lasted until 10 Jan 2012 when the temperature gauge was broken in a storm. The Vantage Pro has a combined anemometer/wind direction indicator, (mounted on a 10 foot aluminium pole about 4 foot over the roofline), a combined temperature/humidity sensor and rain gauge, and a solar sensor (added 13/3/15), all powered by battery-backed solar power. The information is sent to a base station in my study using radio at 433 MHz. The weather base station is connected to an eeePC netbook, bought to replace a series of aging IBM Thinkpads. The PC uses "Weather Display" software version 10.37R to upload the web pages. This page is custom written using the software's "custom tags" capability.

This report was produced on 23/11/20 at 21:00. The next update will be at 21:30.

  Now Average for the
last 24 hours
Maximum today Minimum today Max in month Min in month Max in year Min in year Max since
readings began
Min since
readings began
Outdoor Temperature 8.5°C 3.7°C 8.7°C at 13:45 -1.4°C at 07:44 17.6°C on 2/11/2020 -1.6°C on 20/11/2020 32.9°C on 8/8/2020 -3.1°C on 1/4/2020 35.0°C on 9/7/2010 -11.8°C on 20/12/2010
Indoor Temperature 19.1°C   20.5°C at 12:15 18.8°C at 07:01            
Solar 0 W/m2   327 W/m2 at 12:16   550.0 W/m2 on 10/11/2020   1308.0 W/m2 on 11/7/2020   1427.0 W/m2 on 15/7/2015  
Outdoor Humidity 92%   97% at 09:28 80% at 13:31 99.0% on 9/11/2020 67.0% on 2/11/2020 99% on 23/1/2020 28% on 18/5/2020    
Indoor Humidity 54%                  
Barometric pressure 1024.1 mb   1028.5 mb at 09:30 1024.1 mb at 20:55 1039.6 mb on 5/11/2020 992.5 mb on 15/11/2020 1048.7 mb on 19/1/2020 979.3 mb on 29/2/2020 1048.7 mb on 19/1/2020 963.0 mb on 10/3/2008
Average Wind speed 6.2 mph S   9.3 mph at 20:47   17.6 mph on 15/11/2020   30.4 mph on 9/2/2020   38.0 mph on 18/1/2018  
Rainfall     0.2 mm   35.0 mm   424.2 mm      

There have been 0 consecutive days with no measurable* rain.

And finally

A graph of conditions over the last 24 hours:

A plot of wind direction:

  Graphs WindDirection

A graph similar to the one above for the last 48 hours is here, and for the last 72 hours is here.

If you are familiar with Newsfeeds via RSS, there is a feed to this site which gives a summary of the weather. Click the image for this rss.

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* Measurable rain on my system is 0.2 mm - so if it very gently drizzles, I count it as a rain free day.