At Secondary School

HighSchoolGroup.jpg (39131 bytes)
I think this picture is of the Physics group in my sixth year (lower sixth - 1973?).  Can't remember all the names, but going left to right I think the back row is Paul Davies, Roy Dean, ?, Steve Knattress, me, Ian Box, Don Griffiths and the front left is Brendan Dillon.
Well - this is me playing Mercury in the school musical production of "Orpheus in the Underworld".  My hair (see above) was plaited and wrapped in the helmet.   My main role was prancing across the stage at occasional intervals... Mercury.jpg (39466 bytes)
GangShow.jpg (14911 bytes) Me in the Scout Gang show.  Probably 1973-ish.  Playing a woman, funnily enough. Thanks to Martin Lawton for identifying all the culprits in the photo. They are (left to right) Gordon Keir, Peter Lawton, me, Phil Rimmel and Martin Lawton.
My first G&S show - Astwood Bank Gilbert and Sullivan Society's Production of "Patience" from 1973.  This is the chorus of the Dragoon Guards - no doubt wagging our fingers and singing "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes" in the Major's song "A Heavy Dragoon". I'm at the back on the left of the photo. Patience.jpg (13655 bytes)
PinaforeMed.jpg (64900 bytes) As said on the previous page, a clipping from the Redditch Indicator, but more legible here.  Messrs Thompson, Hunt, Newbould and Ballard were teachers - the rest of us were pupils in the upper sixth by now.  A much larger version is here, if you want to read it (320 k download).

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