PATIENCE features a precious young aesthete called Bunthorne and twenty lovesick maidens who yearn only for him (they think not of the 'down-to-earth' Dragoons to whom they were once engaged). However, Bunthorne yearns only for Patience, a waitress at the Café Royal who thinks little of him and has never loved (save an elderly aunt) The maidens tire of Bunthorne's lack of interest and return to the Dragoons just as Grosvenor, another aesthetic poet, appears on the scene. They immediately follow him with the same intense passion that was previously focused on Bunthorne. Again the Dragoons are rejected. This topsy-turvy world is complete when the Dragoons attempt aestheticism in order to attract the young ladies back again!

LovesickMaidens.jpg (48762 bytes)

Mavis (on the right) and Lynn Akers as
Lovesick Maidens, pining for Bunthorne