Compositions, Essays and notated music

For my A level, I wrote a variety of essays, composed some original music and sang a recital of about 20 minutes. This page provides that source material, in case it's helpful to anyone else.


I wrote 3 essays, about Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.


All my music is created using a shareware Notation program called Noteworthy. Its current price is $49 and it can be ordered on-line. Recommended. I have recently written a program that converts from Noteworthy format to the LilyPond musical notation system, in order to benefit from LilyPond's excellent typography. I've continued to call this NWC2Ly, after its forerunner. There is also a program that converts an entire Noteworthy score to a complete LilyPond score, and I've called this NWCTXT2Ly. Both are free and can be downloaded from my software page.

Own Compositions

Description Noteworthy Version Midi Lyrics
String Quartet. I wrote this classical "sonata style" piece for string quartet. Compos.nwc Compos.mid None
An adaptation of Don Maclean's song, "Starry Night" for unaccompanied SATB Vincent.nwc Vincent.mid Vincent.htm
A setting of W H Davies' poem "Leisure" for soprano and bass Leisure.nwc Leisure.mid Leisure.htm

My Recital

Description Noteworthy Version Midi Lyrics
"Lord God of Israel" from the Oratorio "Elijah" by Mendelssohn ELIJAH.nwc ELIJAH.mid Elijah.htm
"Litany", a Lied by Schubert with words by Jacobi Litany.nwc Litany.mid Litany.htm
"O Pure and Tender Star of Eve" from the opera "Tannhauser" by Wagner Pure.nwc (missing some accompaniment) Pure.mid (missing some accompaniment) Not available
Lowdown, Lonesome Low, a traditional sea song lowdown.nwc lowdown.mid Lowdown.htm
Limehouse Reach by Michael Head Limehous.nwc Limehous.mid Not available