Wasdale Head - July 2005

Some photos from our week-long holiday in Wasdale in July 2005. Generally I walked up hills and Mavis relaxed in the self catering apartment, part of the Wasdale Head Inn. The Inn and the apartments (and especially the location) are strongly recommended.

Phil on Yewbarrow

My first full day I walked up Yewbarrow starting from Overbeck bridge - 600m and a quite interesting climb towards the top and then an even more exiting descent via Dore Head Screes. Gloves recommended for the "falling over on the scree" bits and good trousers for the "sliding down the steep grass" section.

L'al Ratty

On the second day I had a rest from walking and we had a trip on the "Ravenglass and Eskdale" railway - otherwise known as "La'al Ratty". It's a 15" gauge miniature railway, mainly steam powered.

Mavis in L'al Ratty

There's Mavis sitting in one of the open carriages waiting for the return from Eskdale back to Ravenglass.

The train in a cutting

And the train running through a cutting.

Misty Kirkfell

Day 3 - I walked up Kirkfell . It was a little misty/cloudy/rainy on the way up - this was the typical view on the way up via Black Sail pass.

Gable from Kirkfell

And coming down. Reckon that's Great Gable in front and I'm walking down to Beck Head.

Top of Kirkfell - misty!

The view at the top. I was also fairly chilly!

Top of Lingmell

Next day was rather better and I walked up Lingmell, which is the hill at the end of the Scafell range, overlooking the Wasdale Head Hotel.

Top of Gable - misty

And then my final walk was, for this holiday, the big one - Great Gable. The cloudy weather of the previous few days repeated itself, so I was, again, fairly damp and cold at the top - arriving via Beck Head. I was glad I'd taken my GPS to help me find the paths in this weather!

Knickers on Gable

There was a piece of clothing that some lady must have lost at the top. She must have been chilly on the way down!

Mist from Gable

And this was the view...

Ritson's Force

On the final day we went for a rather more gentle walk up Mosedale, which took us past Ritson's Force. (Will Ritson was the landlord of the Wastwater Hotel in the 19th Century, and famous as "The Biggest Liar in the World").

Mosedale Beck

Mosedale Beck

The "Y boulder"

A famous stone, called the "Y boulder" for obvious reasons.

Stone in the Y

An arty shot Mavis took of the centre of the crack in the boulder.

Phil at top of the Y

While I was climbing up same boulder. Getting down was rather more painful...