The Family

The originals:

Are no more. Tinga was the last to die, in 2005, aged 18 1/2.


Tinga was the little female.

She was a tortoiseshell and had a lovely split marking on her face, as you can see. She died in November 2005, aged 18½.


Tinga's brother was Tucker.

He was a tabby, and was the brainless one. Here he is, hiding from people, as usual. He died in 2003, aged 16.


Tog died  in April 1998, aged 16 years.

As you can see, he was a black cat, here relaxing in the sun in the breakfast room. He'd been blind for a while and was becoming rather poorly when he eventually died. He was a lovely cat.


If you're wondering where our cats names come from, they're all children's TV characters - Tog from Pogle's Wood, and Tinga and Tucker from the programme of the same name, about 2 koala bears.



We looked after Holly for a few months, but unfortunately she had heart problems and we had to have her put down. Her owners were Kathryn and Alan, who are currently ex-pats in Toronto. As you can see, she had no ears - she got skin cancer in them from the sun and was also pretty short of teeth - but she could dole out a pretty respectable gumming!


Has been adopted. He appeared to be stray, so we took him in and fed him over Christmas 2008. He now seems to be part of the family.