Mavis' Dressmaking Page

Mavis used to work as the costumier for First Act Opera International, a "chamber opera company" based in Tunstall, Suffolk. The first production for which she created the costumes was the Magic Flute, which was performed at the Newbury Spring Festival on May 6th 2000. She has also done lots of costumes for Ipswich G&S.

Wedding and prom dresses

Belinda's Wedding Dress Mavis is occasionally persuaded by friends to make wedding or prom dresses. Unfortunately we're a bit short of photo of them, but here's the daughter of a very good friend of ours in her wedding dress at Rushmere Church.

Ipswich G&S

Dresses from the Gondoliers She made these dresses for the Duchess of Plaza Toro and Casilda in Ipswich G&S's 2002 production of The Gondoliers.
The dresses in action on stage
And those on stage
Ruddigore She also made all the bridesmaids costumes for Patience

The Magic Flute

The pictures below come from the dress rehearsal and were taken by John von Nuding, the company producer for First Act Opera.


Pamina, played by Anne Bourne, in a costume entirely designed and created by Mavis


Papagena, played by Charmaine David, in a costume mainly designed and made by Mavis.

Papageno, played by Mark Evans, with Pamina in her other costume.  Papageno is the bird catcher in the opera, and Mavis created a costume with feathers made from felt to imitate a male pheasant.

Papageno and Pamina

The Queen of the Night, played by Marianne Helgren.  Mavis adapted the costume and added the collar and head-dress.

The Queen Of The Night
Soldier One of the soldiers (John Smith), with "armour" made entirely by Mavis. Tamino and Pamina Tamino (Lynton Atkinson) and Pamina (Anne Bourne). Zarastro Zarastro (Martin Nelson) - although Mavis can't claim credit for this costume - it came from Covent Garden!