After School

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Paul Collins and I competing in the "Curtis Bennett" road rally in 1981.  I think we would have been 4th that year.   Note the collar and tie being sported by Mr Collins - and connoisseurs will recognise the tyres as being Dunlop SPR3s.

Same car, same crew, different rally.  Think this was the Noreaster - probably 1982.  The year we won it? Escort2.jpg (11947 bytes)
Cortina.jpg (12810 bytes) Ros and I on the CB.  I only put this one in to prove that I did actually compete on a Rally in a Cortina Mark 3 1600 estate.  It cost me 185.  And we won 1st Touring Car.  Sorry the picture is a bit grotty - it's a postage-sized contact on my original.
Paul and I were due to compete in a rally in Suffolk, but unfortunately the suppliers had sent the wrong exhaust for my Capri - so we competed in his Avenger Estate.  We went off the road (on some ice?) and landed in a ditch, knocking me out.  Had quite a few stitches in my head.  This is the result about a week after the accident. Accident.jpg (14825 bytes)
NoseJob.jpg (7225 bytes) During my life I've had an unfortunate capacity to break my nose.  After doing it once keeping goal at University, I went into hospital to have it all straightened out.   This is the splint immediately after coming out - we're just going out to the pub.
My first job at the Post Office Research Centre was making transistors in our clean room.  This is a number of silicon "wafers" - 1.5" and 2" - ready for having a thin layer of titanium and gold evaporated on them.  Think the hat's a bit of a waste of time with the beard.... Silicon.jpg (26392 bytes)
Skiing1.jpg (19871 bytes) Skiing2.jpg (15907 bytes)
My first year of skiing - week one and week two.  Note the stylish snow-plough in week one - and the purchase of the
gaiters in week 2 - it's amazing how much snow you can plough into a ski boot without them...

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