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Phil & Mavis Holmes's Home Page

  Phil Holmes Mavis  
That's me at the top of Scafell Pike in 2004
And Mavis at the summit of Illgill Head


Phil and Mavis Holmes live in Great Bealings, near Ipswich, Suffolk (see below). Until August the 31st 2005, Phil was the Chief Technology Officer of BT Exact. He worked for BT for almost 31 years, but left to join Motorola in September 2005, where he was Director of Architecture and Technology in the EMEA region. In April 2007, he gave up full time work to concentrate on leisure, plus a little consulting. In 2007 he joined the Felixstowe CAB as a trainee adviser. He's now a session supervisor, certificated general adviser and IT co-ordinator for the bureau. In 2011 he started a full-time BA (Hons) in music at Colchester Institute.

Mavis taught French and Drama until her retirement in mid-1999.  She spent some time working for a Horticultural Nursery, "Katie's Garden", in Newbourne. She now restricts herself to doing some exquisite dressmaking. Examples of her work can be seen on this site.

Phil is the webmaster for the site, so please excuse the emphasis on most of the pages. He's also webmaster for the following sites: Tony Brett's Costume Store, Felixstowe Citizens Advice Bureau, Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society, the Stondon Singers, Great Bealings, and Playford.


Mainly, we sing, both with the Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society and the Stondon Singers.  Details of some of the shows we've done and the parts we've played are on our shows page.

Phil does some photography and there's a page with some of his bird photographs and one with some lens test photos.

Other photos

Phil is a bit obsessive about weather, and runs a weather site where you can see what the weather's like in Great Bealings.

In June 1998, Phil finished a Music A Level in his spare time, attaining grade B. In case it's of use to anyone else, some of the source material is on its own page.

He's just finished studying for a BA in music at Colchester Institute. He got a 2(i) - Please with that.

Phil spends the rest of his time playing with computers. On that page there's some freeware he's written, including his "Outlook Attachment Exporter", plus some links to tutorials on using C# to get Exif data, and using Wininet from Visual Basic. Recent updates include a new version of a Noteworthy Tool to convert Noteworthy music to LilyPond (NWC2Ly), and a new one that converts Noteworthy Text files to LilyPond (NWCTXT2Ly). Both are on the software page. He's now part of the development team for Lilypond, a free music engraving tool.

Mavis does some painting and serious dress-making/tailoring. She's a top-notch gardener too. There are some photos of her lilies and other blooms on this site.

Phil also gets a bit worked up by the noise made by Bird Scarers, so there's some information about the NFU guidelines here.

Phil has written a program that displays the Holmes family tree in graphical form.


(See also a page with updated photos)

Recent holidays have been dominated by trips to Africa - mainly for wildlife viewing safaris.

Other holidays:


Hunting around the house, I found a number of photographs of me, starting when I was about 4, going through primary school, secondary, university and hobbies since then.

Where we live:

in a bungalow backing on to a paddock in Great Bealings. Our address is:

Paddock Hill,
Grundisburgh Road,
Great Bealings,
IP13 6PE.

Streetmap gives a useful map and Google Maps shows the countryside.

We added a loft conversion in 2000 - there's a few pages with pictures and descriptions of it.

Our Wedding

We got married in July 1997.  The wedding was at Woodbridge Registry office, and the reception at Westerfield House. We met while singing with Ipswich G&S and as you can see below, she has also put my make up on in a variety of shows:

Mavis, plus Phil in makeup

The Family

Our original cats are now no more. Tinga died in 2005, Tucker in 2003 and Tog in 1998. Georgie the cat joined us in 2007 and died in 2009. We adopted a stray called Gilbert right at the end of 2008. He died on 20 May 2019.

Other News

Each year we send out a newsletter - despite the comments of some people in the press, our friends and family seem to enjoy them.  Recent ones include:


Comments on this page, or further requests for information, can be sent to me at my email address.

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